Glossary for Migraine

Aura - (or-aa)
A subjective sensation (as of lights, flashes, blurred vision, etc.) experienced before an attack of some disorders (as epilepsy or a migraine). Chronic - (chron-ic )
Being long-lasting and recurrent in nature; characterized by long standing suffering debilitating - (de-bili-ta-ting)
Impairing the strength and vitality, making weak Fatigue - (fa-tigue )
A condition characterized by lessened capacity for work, weariness and tiredness meningitis - (men-in-gi-tis)
A disease characterized by inflammation of the meninges which are tissues that surround the brain and spinal cord. Menstrual - (men-stru-al)
Pertaining to menstruation (the menses) migraineur - (mi-grain-eur)
One who suffers from migraine Stroke - (stroke)
A stroke is an interruption of the blood supply to any part of the brain. This can damage areas in the brain that control the rest of the body. Trigger - (trig-ger )
Any of the things that set into motion some course of events (such as a disease process, etc.) vascular - (vas-cu-lar)
Relating to blood vessels