Glossary On Homeopathic treatment

At Dr. Batra's we are in possession of the experience and expertise in treating cases of Hypothyroidism for the past 35 years. Many patients have benefitted from our treatment and have been able to take the reigns of their life back into their hands with the help of the same.

Homeopathic medicines primarily work at the level of the immune system and gradually bring the deviation back towards normalcy. The medicines help in stimulating the gland to produce the hormones to the optimum level so that the requirement for external supplementation of hormones is minimal or none.

After starting homeopathic treatment, many patients are able to reduce their dependence on conventional drugs and in some cases may be even stop the same. However, this needs to be monitored very closely by the treating physician and this is what is precisely done at Dr. Batra's. Even in cases where the patient is not able to stop conventional drugs, he can manage his condition better while on homeopathic medicines and there is a general sense of well being that is very essential for a good quality of life. It can also be possible to control the further progress of the condition with the help of homeopathy.

In addition to the supervision by homeopaths at Dr. Batra's, our patients can also avail of the benefits of nutritional advice from our qualified and experienced nutritionist for better management of their condition.

It has to be borne in mind that the treatment for Hypothyroidism is long-term and there is no magical cure for the same. The good part is that the treatment is without any side effects and is non habit forming.