Glossary On Homeopathy treatment

Homeopathy has good scope in the treatment of hyperthyroidism. The condition needs an in-depth analysis of the patient’s history in order to prescribe the constitutional remedy which will target the root cause of the ailment thus offering relief to the patient.

A detailed history includes not only the particulars of symptoms of hyperthyroidism but also information about other complaints of the patients, their likes and dislikes, general functions, mental attributes, history of diseases in past as well as in family, etc. At Dr. Batra’s, each of these are studied in detail for every case of hyperthyroidism and this is what gives us good results in most cases.

Homeopathic treatment primarily helps in controlling the symptoms of the hyperthyroidism while restoring the thyroid hormone levels back to normal. The treatment also helps in reducing the dosage of conventional medication in the long run.

If the patient is already on conventional treatment, it may not be possible to stop the same immediately after starting Homeopathy treatment. The patient may need to take both treatments together initially and the dosage of the drugs can be tapered down with time depending on the patient’s progress with homeopathy.

Patients on homeopathy treatment for hyperthyroidism do report a significant improvement in their general well-being after commencing homeopathy. This can be attributed to the medication working at the level of the immunity to restore the imbalance therein, back to normal. It is suggested that the patients must opt for Homeopathy treatment in the early stages itself for best results.