Glossary On Homeopathy treatment

Homeopathy medicines for piles can effectively help in management and the symptoms associated with it such as pain, bleeding, itching, etc. Homeopathic medication targets the cause and thus treats the disease from the roots thereby reducing the chances of relapse of the condition. At Dr. Batra's we have treated a large number of cases of Hemorrhoids with good results and have given significant relief to patients in most cases.

Conventional treatment for Hemorrhoids largely includes surgery or other procedures such as infrared coagulation, sclerotherapy, etc. However, the condition has a tendency to recur back after such treatments since they do not target the root cause. Homeopathic medicines, on the other hand, work at the root level and treat the underlying cause such as chronic constipation, laxity of veins, etc. If there is an underlying genetic tendency to develop piles, even that can be taken care of with properly planned constitutional treatment along with dietary and lifestyle modification.

Different cases have different scope of improvement with homeopathy treatment. Grade 1 and 2 of piles (hemorrhoids) can be effectively treated with Homeopathy. In cases of grade 3 and 4, medication can only help in providing symptomatic relief and cure may not be possible. However, the time duration of the treatment as well as results may vary from case to case.

It is suggested that patients opt for a well-planned constitutional treatment in the early stages itself so as to avoid further progress of the hemorrhoids and to ensure good results.