Glossary for hemorrhoids

Anal - (a-nal)
Pertaining to the anus Anal canal - (an-al can-al)
Tubular last part of the large intestine; it ends into the anus Anemic - (ane-mic)
Suffering from anemia Anus - (an-us)
The opening at the end of the alimentary canal through which solid waste is excreted from the body Asymptomatic - (a-sym-to-ma-tic)
Having no symptoms of illness or disease Chronic - (chron-ic )
Being long-lasting and recurrent in nature; characterized by long standing suffering Fissure - (fi-sher)
A tear in the skin of the anus resulting in painful passage of stools Hereditary - (he-red-i-tary )
Occurring amongst members of a family Infrared coagulation - (in-fra-red co-agu-la-shun)
A technique in which abnormal tissue is exposed to a burst of infrared light (a type of radiation). This causes blood in veins in the tissue to coagulate (harden) and the abnormal tissue to shrink. Proctoscope - (proc-to-scope)
An endoscope for examining the rectum and anal canal Prolapse - (pro-laps)
Falling out of place or slipping out of place of an organ Sclerotherapy - (scle-ro-the-ra-pee)
Injection of a chemical irritant into a vein to produce inflammation and eventual fibrosis Sedentary - (sed-en-tary )
Requiring sitting or little activity Sigmoidoscopy - (sig-moid-o-scopy)
Visual examination (with a sigmoidoscope) of the lower third of the colon Vein - (vein)
Blood vessel that carries blood (which is low in oxygen) from the body back to the heart