Glossary On Self Care for Gastritis

Getting around with gastritis…

Taking control of your health is the first step towards successful treatment of any condition. We provide you here with some easy-to-follow steps that will help you deal with gastritis. These have been derived from our experience of successfully treating cases over the last 35 years at Dr. Batra's. Our nutritionists advise this

  • Increase your fluid intake i.e. plenty of water, fruit juices, juices of vegetables such as carrots, spinach, raw potatoes, beet and cucumber juice
  • Drink peppermint tea 20 minutes before meals to improve digestion
  • Avoid eating broccoli, cabbage and cabbage family, collards, and strawberries
  • Avoid anything that produces food intolerance for you
  • Avoid colas and other aerated cold drinks
  • Avoid aspirin as far as possible - ask your physician to prescribe an alternative drug
  • Eat in moderation, at regular intervals – small and frequent meals can help you deal better with gastritis
  • Avoid irritants such as alcohol, tea, and coffee, hot and spicy food
  • Maintain a healthy weight – control your weight if you are overweight because obesity tends to worsen gastritis
  • Exercise regularly
  • Avoid foods that worsen your symptoms especially condiments, red meat, excess of sugar, refined flour, strong spirits and beverages, excess of fats
  • Contact your physician to know alternative medications if your current medicines are the cause of the problem
  • Stop smoking
  • Take effective steps to control stress
  • Be regular in your treatment