Auto Immunity - (au-to-im-mune-ty)
State in which the body’s defense mechanism (cells) mistakenly begin to attack the body’s own tissues Bloated - (bloat-ed)
A sensation of being swollen Dyspepsia - (dys-pep-sia )
Another term for gastritis Endoscope - (en-do-scope )
A thin, flexible tube with a tiny camera at one end; used to visualize the interior of a body organ such as stomach, intestine, colon, sinus, etc. It can also be used for procedures such as taking a biopsy, or performing a surgery. Inflammation - (in-flam-ma-tion )
A response of body tissues to injury or irritation; characterized by pain and swelling and redness and heat Mucus - (mu-cus )
A thick fluid produced by the lining of some tissues such as the air passage, stomach, intestines, etc. Reflux - (re-flux)
An abnormal backward flow of body fluids