Glossary On Coping with Sexual Disorders

At Dr. Batra's, we have been treating patients with sexual dysfunction for 35 years and have had good response in most cases. Based on our experience and expertise, we have observed that making certain changes in lifestyle can go a long way in helping patients to cope with their problems. These tips have been clinically verified by our physicians time and again and have scientific backing as well:

  • Enhancing communication with the partner especially about one's own choices, likes and dislikes makes a lot of difference in improving sexual dysfunction
  • Regular exercise or aerobics improves the stamina and also improves the self-image
  • Regularly perform pelvic floor exercises - also known as Kegel exercises - these can be done at any time of the day while you are sitting at home, in office or even while travelling. All you need to do is to tighten the muscles at your bottom as if you are suddenly stopping the flow of your urine. Hold this until you count five, relax and then repeat again. Doing these exercises several times daily can help in dealing with arousal and orgasm problems. They also help in dealing with Vaginismus.
  • Get educated about the normal sexual response - it’s an important step to know how your body functions before you step out to treat the abnormality
  • Seek a counselor or a sex therapist who will do way with your anxieties and help you face your problems in a better way
  • Cut down on alcohol intake since too much of alcohol blunts the sexual responsiveness
  • Quit smoking
  • If there is an underlying cause of your problem, seek treatment for the same
  • If you already on any kind of medication, ask your physician if that could be the cause of your complaints - if it is so, seek alternative medication
  • Patience with the treatment is of prime importance since results are not magical or overnight - it takes time to see results
Female Sexual Dysfunction