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Liver – Disease to Ease - Infectious Hepatitis

The liver is truly a ‘liver.’ The largest organ in the human body, the liver is the only organ capable of regenerating itself. While it diligently filters over a litre of blood every minute, it silently bears the brunt of today’s fast-paced lifestyle and junk-food culture. Eating outside is fun but most people don’t realise that those items could have been prepared using contaminated water or by unclean hands, loaded with germs after answering nature’s call. The solution for roadside foodies is to savour piping hot food, avoiding items at room temperature. Wash your hands properly with soap before and after eating or using the washroom to avoid water and food borne diseases like Hepatitis A & E.

Although safer in comparison to the other types of Hepatitis, the liver nevertheless begins to complain through jaundice (yellowish eyes and skin), fever, loss of appetite, nausea or vomiting, diarrhoea, light-coloured stools, or dark yellow urine. Sometimes, there is slight pain in the upper abdomen on the right side just below the ribs, in the region of the liver.

Homeopathy helps to alleviate symptoms and to heal the liver, treating an individual patient on the basis of his/her unique symptoms. Thus, a hepatitis patient who craves for very hot drinks and has constant pain under the angle of the right shoulder blade may need Chelidonium 6C, 5 pills twice daily till symptoms subside. Chionanthus 6C, taken in the above dosage can help a jaundice patient with severe bilious headaches. Prevention definitely makes more sense than a cure. So, the next time you savour ‘pani-puri’ at your favourite roadside stall, think twice. It may cost you your health!

Article by Dr. Mukesh Batra
L.C.E.H., F.H.M.A. (U.K.), F.R.S.H. (Med) P.(Lon), M.D.H. (U.S.A.), F.B.I.H.(U.K.)
Published in Hindustan Times