Glossary On Self Care Tips

At Dr. Batra's, we strive to give the best to our patients, be it in terms of medication, services or useful self care tips. Our experience of successfully treating thousands of cases of eczema (dermatitis / skin allergy) has brought to light some of the things that have been found to be very useful for our patients. Some of the important self care tips have been mentioned here:

  • Moisturize your skin frequently
  • Maintain good hydration of the body by drinking plenty of fluids
  • Sudden changes in temperature or humidity should be avoided
  • Do not use soaps, detergents or solvents that are harsh on the skin
  • Avoid being overheated or chilled
  • Wear comfortable cotton clothes and avoid synthetic materials that may be harsh on the skin
  • In cases of contact dermatitis, the trigger allergens or irritants must be avoided
  • Keep your nails trimmed to avoid scratching inadvertently
  • Apply some light dressing to the patches if you are afraid of scratching it badly during sleep
  • Wash you clothes, towels, etc. in mild detergents and avoid strong chemicals for the same
  • Take quick warm (not hot) showers and apply moisturizer to skin immediately thereafter
  • Avoid excessive sweating because this may flare up the rashes
  • Take adequate steps to control stress- practice yoga, meditation, etc.
  • Be patient with the treatment - eczema / dermatitis / skin allergy usually needs long term treatment and there is no short-cut to cure