Glossary On Coping with Depression

Depression can be one of the difficult conditions to cope with especially since the patient experiences lack of interest in everything and at times even loses interest in treatment itself. However, with a strong will and with adequate support from family and friends, patients can effectively cope with this ailment and even get rid of it.

Based on our experience of treating a large number of cases of depression at Dr. Batra's, we have seen that making certain changes in diet and lifestyle can effectively help patients to cope with their depression. Discussed here are few of them:

  • Physical activities such as walking, jogging, swimming, exercise, etc. are known to reduce the symptoms of depression
  • Maintain a diary and write down your feelings in it regularly - this helps to ventilate any pain, fear, anger, etc.
  • Take steps to manage stress effectively - setting reasonable goals helps in the long run
  • Take up yoga, meditation on a regular basis
  • Remain educated about your condition; this awareness helps in better management
  • Take time out with family and friends, try not to spend too much time alone
  • Avoid alcohol and drugs - its very easy to fall for these when depressed although they only worsen symptoms as time passes
  • Lastly eat a healthy balanced diet and get adequate sleep to ensure your system stays healthy