Dr. Batras' Positive Health Clinic Private Limited

It is a matter of pride for us that in our constant endeavor to provide the best of services to our patients, we have been able to establish 235 state-of-the-art clinics in 131 cities across India, Dubai and UK. This makes us India's largest chain of Homeopathic clinics providing individualized treatment and care to our patients.

World-class health services have always been the hallmark of Dr. Batra's and testimony to this is the fact that our branches in India have been granted the ISO 9001:2008 accreditation from the American Quality Assessors (AQA) making us the world's First Homeopathic Healthcare Corporate to achieve this distinction.

According to ISO 9001:2008, the customer is both the beginning and the end of any organizational process. Attending to the needs and wishes of the customer, translating them into requirements, delivering services to meet these requirements and lastly, verifying the degree of customer satisfaction - these are the commitments of any customer driven organization. These are also the fundamentals, which have driven Dr. Batra's for a long time, and the management is totally committed to bringing these into practice.

Our dedicated team of over 250 full-time highly qualified Homeopaths helps us to ensure the complete satisfaction of all our patients who entrust their health to us. Each of our doctors are carefully handpicked by the senior management team and individually trained under Dr. Batra's Continual Medical Education (CME) programme. Our doctors are constantly updated with the latest developments and methods of treatment so as to provide the best options to our patients.

Dr. Batra's is one of the very few clinics to have a custom-designed software which stores patients' medical history & treatment details as well as analyses over half a million cases that have been treated by us. This information is accessible to all our clinics through a completely secured network and can be accessed from any other branch giving our patients the liberty to visit any of our clinics as convenient to them. This helps us to provide our patients with the red carpet treatment they truly deserve!

The medication that is prescribed and dispensed to patients at Dr. Batra's is obtained from leading suppliers, with test certificates as per national or international homeopathic pharmacopoeia standards, in order to ensure excellent benchmark.

Going a step further, it is mandatory for the clinic dispensers to wear gloves and cap at all times as well as undergo regular health check ups. Even the eco-friendly paper bag for patients has to meet the pre-defined standards set by the company. Dr. Batra's is truly a clinic with a heart as a lot of thought, care and attention goes into making the best health care services available to each of our patients.

The Cyber Clinic at Dr. Batra's is the first of its kind and even made it to the Limca Book of World Records 2004 for providing Online Consultation and treatment to more than 4.6 lakh patients. It is indeed our privilege to gain the trust of so many patients and we shall always strive to provide them with the best.

The Tele-homeopathic clinic that was started by Dr. Batra's is another unique service which involves providing medical consultation to remote patients through an easily accessible telecommunication network such as Video Conferencing.

At Dr. Batra's we believe that any relationship thrives on a healthy dose of constant communication and a patient-doctor relationship is no exception. The clinic regularly communicates with its patients and keeps them up to date with new happenings and treatment updates.

In addition to this, our Customer Relationship Management programme at Dr. Batra's continually monitors patient satisfaction rates based on multiple parameters related to quality of service and treatment. We also regularly develop and implement training systems for our staff to make sure of the same. In addition, external auditors periodically audit the company and the clinics to make certain that everything is running as per the standards. Any disparity is recorded and corrective action is taken immediately.

Here is a brief glimpse of our results in key areas of our March 2003 Customer Feedback Survey. These results have too been audited and verified by AQA - American Quality Assessors:

Quality and service parameter Rating % of patients
Quality of treatment Excellent 94%
Overall impression Excellent 97%
Quality of service Excellent 98%

Dr. Batra's has also been aware of its social responsibilities right from its inception. To this effect, every center adopts orphanages and old-age homes. So far, the company has adopted more than 1600 orphans and old people providing lifelong free treatment to the inmates.

To sum it up, we can positively say that Dr. Batra's is an organization of firsts:

  • World's First Homeopathic Healthcare Corporate to receive ISO 9001: 2008 Certification
  • World's First Cyber Clinic
  • World's First Cyber Clinic to accept Payment in Indian Currency & process Credit Card Transactions
  • First Cyber Clinic to be listed on Limca Book of Records (Edition 2004)
  • First Homeopathic Chat Site