Dubai Clinic

As an initial step towards the realization of its plans of global expansion, Dr. Batra's kick-started its international operations with the launch of Dr. Batra’s Homeopathic Clinic FZ-LLC at the Dubai Healthcare City.

Dr. Batra’s Homeopathic Clinic FZ-LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dr. Batras’ Positive Health Clinic Private Limited incorporated under the Dubai Healthcare City Company Regulation, 2008. With the launch of this clinic, Dr. Batra's has joined the prestigious league of leading healthcare providers at Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) to deliver a full spectrum of specialized homeopathic treatment.

The world’s largest homeopathic healthcare corporate with more than 27 years of medical excellence in the time-tested field of Homeopathy has now brought this world-class medical excellence to the UAE. The new clinic in DHCC will offer patients the expertise of doctors that are hand-picked and personally trained by Dr Mukesh Batra.

Well established in Europe, India, and many other South East Asian cultures, the science of Homeopathy is starting to make inroads amongst the Arab communities as well. Arab women in particular are increasingly opting for homeopathic treatment to cure a variety of ailments and illnesses during pregnancy, as it provides natural treatment options without harmful side effects. Homeopathy offers customized treatment to every patient to stimulate his or her body's own healing processes. It addresses the underlying causes of acute or chronic diseases rather than treating just the symptoms of diseases.

At the Dubai clinic homeopathic treatment will be offered for 40 different types of hair loss problems, more than 2000 types of skin ailments, weight management and later we shall also add newer segments of treatment of chronic diseases like allergies, gastro-intestinal diseases, other lifestyle and stress related disorders.

Unique features of this company:

  • First Homeopathic Healthcare Corporate to be a part of the prestigious International Healthcare Project DHCC
  • Rubbing shoulders with the best in Healthcare & Wellness
  • Some international medical giants in DHCC include Harvard Medical School, Mayo Clinic, Johnson & Johnson, Boston University, Moorfields Eye Hospital, The German Heart Centre, American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital, Novartis
  • First 100% wholly owned subsidiary of Dr. Batra's outside India
  • Extending global footprint with Dubai as the base for the company’s expansion in the Middle East

Highlights of Dr. Batra’s Homeopathic Clinic FZ-LLC:

  • This state-of-the-art clinic offers world-class homeopathic healthcare services in an ambience that spells hospitality with sophistication
  • Strict adherence to international quality standards, good clinical practices, protocols and Standard Operating Procedures set by DHCC/ CPQ
  • The Clinic employs scientific expertise and cutting-edge technologies for the maintenance of the highest levels of quality to ensure both patient benefit and satisfaction
  • Our homeopath doctor has specifically passed stringent standards of DHCC including an interview taken by the CAM (Complimentary and Alternative Medicine) Council and is registered to practice in DHCC

Complying with high standards

Any company, corporation, hospital, clinic or medical professional operating in Dubai Healthcare City is governed by DHCC's stipulated set of Rules, Regulations and Guidelines. 
Partners Harvard Medical International and DHCC have jointly established the Center for Healthcare Planning and Quality (CPQ) as a regulatory body implementing rigorous quality clinical standards to ensure patient safety and quality patient care.

As part of DHCC, Dr. Batra’s Homeopathic Clinic FZ-LLC ensures strict adherence to stringent international stipulations be it the architectural design, or the engineering standards, or Health Safety and Environment standards (HSE). All members’ operations are under continuous surveillance and as part of the quality control process CPQ also conducts surprise inspections in addition to regular audits. All aspects of operations involving the safety & security of building, human life and environment come under the purview of the CPQ inspection. No aspect is too small to be overlooked.

A few words from the founder - Dr. Mukesh Batra

According to Dr. Mukesh Batra, the UAE healthcare landscape is built on strong foundations of international expertise, world-class facilities and robust growth. To establish Dr. Batra’s Homeopathic Clinic FZ-LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Dr. Batras’ Positive Health Clinic Private Limited within the dynamic and evolving environment of Dubai Healthcare City, is indeed a vision realized. He firmly believes that the cosmopolitan make up of the UAE, and Dubai in particular, is an ideal stage for the science of Homeopathy to flourish and spread through the region.