Dr. Batras' Positive Health Foundation

'Social conscience' and an 'awareness of social responsibilities' is what is reflected outwards during the inception of Dr. Batras' Positive Health Foundation on 1st July 2001. The foundation was launched by former Chief Minister of Maharashtra Shri Vilasrao Deshmukh.

Main objectives as outlined by the foundation:

  • To provide funds for the treatment of needy and deserving patients
  • To grant scholarships for deserving students who are pursuing studies in Homeopathy
  • To help as many needy people as possible
  • To keep the procedure short so as to ensure that people are benefited quickly and with minimum effort

The various centers established by Dr. Batra's join hands with social organizations and adopt orphanages and old-age homes and provide life-long free treatment and/or other services to the inmates.

Some of Dr. Batra's Positive Health Foundation Projects:

  • The Ashakta Poshaka Sabha (an old age home-cum-orphanage which houses 114 inmates and 52 children)
  • Christel House India, which houses 450 underprivileged children
  • Sandhya Old Age Home - houses 25 inmates
  • Chetna Institute for the Mentally Handicapped - houses 300 mentally challenged students
  • Adopted the Jalaram Seva Trust which has 60 old inmates
  • Mid Day Health Camp