Glossary On Facts and Myths

Myth: Regular exercise cannot keep cold away.
Fact: Exercise is quite beneficial for your immune system, and a current study also revealed that individuals who exercise regularly may cut their risk of getting a cold. You may not fall sick often or your symptoms will be less severe if you are an active individual.

Myth: Vitamin C and Zinc can help you keep away from cold.
Fact: You cannot keep away from common cold through Vitamin C and Zinc and Echinacea. However, all of these may help to shorten the duration of cold.

Myth: Fact: Nothing you eat can increase your mucus. It is just that when you do not have sufficient water, you may get dehydrated; consuming enough amount of water is highly essential to replace fluids lost from fever and respiratory tract evaporation and it helps to loosen mucus.

Myth: Fact: Chicken soup does ease your common cold. All warm stuff, such as tea, coffee and hot soups aid to combat cold.

Myth: Fact: Cold is caused by virus and not bacteria. Antibiotics treat bacteria-related illnesses. Antibiotics do not treat a cold. Antibiotics are needed to treat infections and illnesses that are caused by bacteria, not a cold which is caused by virus.

Common Cold