Glossary On Self Care Tips for Cervical Spondylitis

At Dr. Batra's, we have the experience of treating patients of cervical spondylitis for more than 35 years and based on the same, we have found a few dietary and lifestyle changes that make a lot of difference to the patients and help them be in better control of their illness. These tips have been clinically verified time and again by our physicians and nutritionists and have been summarized here:

  • Maintain a healthy weight; los that extra weight, if any
  • Eat a varied diet including plenty of calcium rich foods (sesame seeds, green leafy vegetables, ragi)
  • Whole grains, fruits and vegetables should be taken in adequate amounts
  • Alcoholic beverages weaken bones. Consuming more than two alcoholic drinks per day increases a person's chances of developing weakened bones and hence this should be limited
  • Decrease your intake of saturated fat (dairy, red meat), salt and sugar
  • Exercise regularly to maintain neck strength, flexibility, range of motion
  • Always wear your seat belt while travelling in a car
  • When working on a computer or watching TV, take frequent breaks and avoid long periods of inactivity
  • Use thin pillow and avoid placing more than one pillow under your head, sleep on a firm mattress
Cervical Spondylitis