Glossary On Homeopathic Treatment for Cervical Spondylitis

Controlling the damage and easing the pain

Clinical studies have demonstrated the efficacy of homeopathy in the treatment of persistent musculoskeletal pain (such as that which occurs in cervical spondylitis besides many other conditions). The medicines can offer significant pain control and improve the quality of life of patients.

At Dr. Batra's, we have successfully treated many cases of cervical spondylitis over the last 35 years and have given relief from suffering to a large number of patients. Many of our patients report a better quality of life in general after starting homeopathic treatment at Dr. Batra's clinics.

Homeopathy indeed has substantial relief to offer to patients of cervical spondylitis. The medicines provide with significant relief in the pain and stiffness that is associated with the disease. In addition, the treatment can also help to slow down the progress of the ailment over a period of time.

Besides the above, other symptoms such as tingling, numbness and weakness are also seen to improve in most cases. Range of mobility of the neck can get better too provided the disease has not progressed too far.

In advanced cases where the disease has cause significant damage already, it may only be possible to palliate the symptoms of the patient. In any case, it must be borne that the treatment cannot reverse the physical damage that has already occurred to the system but can only help in controlling the symptoms.

The important point about the treatment is that it has no side-effects whatsoever and is completely safe and non habit-forming. Homeopathy is strongly suggested for all cases of cervical spondylitis especially those of recent origin.

Cervical Spondylitis