Cervical - (cer-vi-cal )
Relating to the neck Dehydration - (de-hy-dra-tion )
Dryness resulting from loss of fluids Genetic - (ge-net-ic)
Occurring amongst members of a family - usually by heredity; related to genes Intervertebral discs - (Intervertebral discs)
The cushion-like structure between the vertebrae Ligaments - (lig-a-ments)
Tissue connecting the bones to the muscles Spastic - (spas-tic )
Pertaining to involuntary jerky muscular contractions Spinal cord - (spi-nal cord)
A thick whitish cord comprised of nerve fibers – it starts from the base of the brain and extends into the vertebral column. Spinal nerves branch off to various parts of the body from the spinal cord. Spine - (spine)
The column of bone (also known as the vertebral column) which surrounds and protects the spinal cord. Vertebra - (ver-te-bra )
The bony segments of the vertebral column or spine. (Plural - vertebrae) Vertebral column - (ver-te-bral column)
The series of vertebrae that together form a columnar structure to protect the spinal cord
Cervical Spondylitis