Glossary On Self Care for Bronchitis

Dr. Batra's has the proficiency and experience of treating patients for the last 35 years and we have seen a few things to be very useful for our patients in controlling bronchitis. Incorporation of these can help you to be in better control of your illness and lead a superior quality of life. Help yourself with these tips for dealing with bronchitis:

  • Increase your intake of essential fatty acids (present in oily fish, flaxseeds, nuts, cold pressed oils)
  • Increase quercetin rich foods such as garlic and onions
  • Take plenty of vitamin C and beta-carotene rich foods such as amla, guava, mango, papaya, carrots
  • Minimize your intake of mucus forming foods such as dairy, red meat, white flour, sugar and bananas
  • Don't smoke – it can only do you harm and prevent you from recovering
  • Rest as much as possible – this helps your body to heal itself faster
  • Take plenty of fluids (unless your doctor has advised you to restrict your fluid intake). Fever causes the body to lose fluid faster and hence it’s important to hydrate the body well. The sputum formed will be thinner and can be easily expectorated if the body is well hydrated.
  • A humidifier can assist in decreasing bronchial irritation
  • Note the color of your sputum and report to your doctor from time to time
  • Your physician may advise you some breathing exercises to improve your lung functions
  • Contact your health care provider if any of the following symptoms develop:
    • Severe short of breath
    • Unexplained wheezing
    • Coughing up of blood
    • Very high fever