Glossary On Diagnosis of Bronchitis

Timely evaluation of any disease helps significantly in instituting the right kind of treatment.

In case of bronchitis, the presenting symptoms and examination findings are usually enough to confirm the diagnosis. However, your physician may advise you some investigations in case deemed necessary:

  • X-ray chest: This is generally to rule out pneumonia
  • Sputum examination: Your sputum may have to be examined in a laboratory to look for bacterial infection
  • Sputum culture
  • Pulse oximetry: This test enables the physician to see how well your blood has been saturated with oxygen
  • CT scan may be required in cases of chronic bronchitis to visualize the extent of damage
  • Pulmonary function tests may be conducted to check the overall functioning of the lungs

Cases of chronic bronchitis require to be evaluated regularly in order to monitor the progress of the condition. Regular check ups can also help the physician to chart the improvement occurring with the medication.