Glossary On Living with Asthma

Take control of your asthma… NOW

Managing asthma may not be all that easy for a patient, but effective steps taken in time can help them deal better with this chronic illness. Here are some tips and home remedies for asthma that you can incorporate in your life to make a difference:

  • Drink plenty of water to loosen the secretions
  • Avoid exposure to allergens / irritants as far as possible – Effective steps to prevent the exposure to known allergens/irritants goes a long way in keeping good health
  • Avoid a sedentary life and start exercising regularly to keep your body fit. Exercising helps to improve the lung functions and also conditions the muscles. Contact your health care provider for details on the exercise that are good for you.
  • Learn stress management techniques to effectively deal with stress
  • Green tea which contains antioxidants is an effective home remedy for asthma. It may give some relief in treating asthma, when consumed regularly.
  • Many people report improvement in symptoms after including ginger in their diet Stop smoking