Allergen - (al-ler-gen)
Any substance that can cause an allergy Allergic - (al-ler-gic )
Caused by an allergy Allergy - (al-ler-gy )
Hypersensitivity reaction Beta Blockers - (Beta Blockers)
a class of conventional drugs which are used to treat high blood pressure, heart conditions and migraine Bronchi - (Bronchi )
Either of the two main branches of the trachea (wind pipe) Constriction - (con-stric-tion )
narrowing, compression Dander - (dan-der)
Small scales from animal skin/hair or bird feathers Intermittent - (in-ter-mit-tent )
Stopping and starting at irregular intervals Mold - (Mold)
Fungus that grows on damp, decaying organic matter Perennial - (pe-ren-ni-al )
Lasting throughout the year (through all the seasons) Pollen - (pol-len )
Fine spores borne by certain flowering plants Wheezing - (wheez-ing)
Breathing with a whistling sound