Glossary On Homeopathic Treatment

Effective, soothing pain relief

At Dr. Batra's, we have the experience and the expertise of treating patients for the last 35 years and bring smiles to many suffering patients. It's our constant endeavor to impart a better lifestyle to our patients and help them live a pain-free life.

The beauty of Homeopathy is that this science has at least something to offer for most of the ailments. Likewise, even in Ankylosing Spondylitis, Homeopathy can offer significant pain relief to the patients. This holds especially true for cases that are in the early stages of the disease. At this stage, the medication can even help in slowing down the progress of the disease besides offering pain control.

As far as advanced cases are concerned where arthritis has advanced and immobilization of the joints has already occurred, there is nothing much that can be done for the patient except palliating the pain.

Timely treatment can prevent the onset of complications and can also prevent the disease from spreading to involve other organs of the body. In addition, the treatment can also help the patients to manage the feelings of depression, anxiety, withdrawal that many of them suffer from.

Regular exercises, swimming, breathing exercises, gentle stretches, etc. done under the supervision of a physiotherapist combined with Homeopathy can give good results in most cases.

Ankylosing Spondylitis