Glossary On Addison’s Disease Homeopathic Treatment

‘This is the path to follow’

Homeopathy can offer good relief to patients with Addison’s disease. The medicines can help in stimulating the adrenal glands to improve the secretion of the hormones and thus control the disease process. They can be given along with conventional treatment and strategic combination of both can help the patients to tide over the disease.

Improvement is gradually seen on the symptomatic level wherein the patient starts experiencing relief from the symptoms and notices a general sense of well being. Skin changes take longer duration to get back to normal but improvement in energy levels, better appetite, stable blood pressure, etc. are initial changes that occur.

In contrast to conventional medication, Homeopathic medicines are non habit-forming and they help the body to improve its own functions rather than simply supplementing the hormones externally.

It must be noted however that Addison’s disease is chronic in nature and the treatment has to be continued for a long time. The treatment can help to reduce dependence on external supplementation of the hormones and the patients require lesser dosage of the same.

Lastly, proper constitutional treatment can also help to arrest the progress of this condition and this is one worthy reason to opt for homeopathic treatment as soon as the condition is diagnosed.

Addison's Disease