Androgens - (an-dro-gens)
A class of sex hormones Comedo - (com-e-do)
An acne eruption (plural - comedones) Hair Follicles - (Hair-Fa-lekels)
Tubular cavities in outermost layer of skin from which the hair shafts grow Keloid - (ke-loid)
Large raised scar that spreads beyond the size of the original wound Melanin - (mel-a-nin)
A pigment that imparts color to hair and skin Sebaceous Glands - (se-ba-ceous Glands)
Glands in the skin which produce an oily substance called sebum. Sebaceous glands are closely attached to hair follicles. Sebum - (Se-bum)
The oily substance produced by sebaceous glandS. It is composed of keratin, fat and cellular debris